How to find work – 7 ways to make money while traveling the world

Making money while you travel means you don’t need to stick with a strict budget because money is usually flowing in. It also means you’re liberal to roam the earth at will without being stuck working abroad at a teaching job or other full-time gig. Work and travel will help you to understand different cultures. Being far away from home will give you a new perspective on how things work on the other side of the planet.

Before you begin traveling, you’ll have probably spent quite a little bit of time preparing for your adventures by saving up some money. But have you ever considered earning money while you travel?

By making some extra cash, you’ll have fewer budget-related worries, be able to do all the things you want to do, and perhaps even stay away for longer than you had originally planned. Below is a list of 7 creative ways both online and offline to make money while you explore the world.

7 ways to make money while traveling the world

Teach English

how to make money online

If you’re not a fluent English speaker, skip to the next one. Teaching English abroad is one of the foremost common ways to make money and probe a totally different culture. There are job opportunities almost everywhere, many companies can pay your flights and apartment. South Korea and Japan are well-paid countries for English teachers. The demand for English tuition is huge all across the globe!

If you’re a native speaker, you’re especially lucky because individuals and schools do tend to prefer to employ teachers whose mother tongue is English. It may be a good idea to take a course, such as TEFL, to increase your chances of finding work.

Sell Your Photos

how to make money online

Chances are that you’re planning on documenting your travel anyway, so why not sell your photos for money? You have a camera, you are reasonably good at understanding the little ticky tacky dials and you have the creative eye that can fathom little and big moments that make the destination what it is! Just go click- happy, take awesome photographs, and sell them online on various stock photography websites like and Every time someone buys your image you get a ding-ding in your bank account!

These sites do take a cut of what you create and you’d need to be selling tons of images to form decent sums of cash , but it can still be a fast and straightforward thanks to make a touch of additional cash. 500px is one of the top references for great photographers.

Work in Hostels and Hotels

how to make money online

Many hostels, hotels, and resorts are trying to find staff, either for a brief time (during high season) or long-term. Jobs vary from the reception staff, housekeeping, the driver for airport pick-ups, etc. Some of these jobs are paid, others are on a voluntary basis. Work in exchange for a free bed and food is sort of common. Not ideal if you want to make money, but at least a way to save money for travel.


Publish an E-book

how to make money online

Without you having to do anything, you receive money in your account every month. Isn’t that a beauty? And writing an ebook is one of the most accessible ways of getting there.

Don’t be mistaken though: there’s nothing passive about how to get there, you have to put in a lot of work in the first place. A lot. Make it slightly easier by writing about something you know very well or even a fiction!

Cruise Ship Jobs

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One of the higher jobs for people that wish to travel: Work on a ship. A cruise liner is sort of a massive floating hotel within the sea, with all types of entertaining facilities. There are many different jobs on a cruise ship: bartender, shop staff, receptionist, chef, casino staff, DJ, hairstylist, massage therapist, nurse, and lots of more. The list of possible cruise line jobs is endless. Salaries vary between $800-$8000 per month.

Working on a cruise liner is one of the foremost popular careers that allow you to travel. Food and lodging is provided, you have no expenses during that time. Plus, you get paid to visit a number of the foremost beautiful places on earth.

Yoga Teacher

how to make money online

You have been doing yoga for some time and it became an important part of your life? Why not teach yoga and encourage others to try to do so? Yoga is more popular than ever and studios are all around the world. You could teach at a yoga retreat or just apply for a yoga teacher job at a resort.

Tour Guide

how to make money online

How to travel and make money? Work as a tour guide! I worked a couple of times as a tour guide and it was a lot of fun. This is a great example of a job where you get paid to travel and share your favorite places. You can apply as a (freelance) guide at travel agencies that sell tours to travelers. Especially during peak season there’s always a better demand for tour guides.

Sometimes they require a licence, however i used to be ready to get a couple of guide jobs without having a licence. If you show your passion for travel and have a great knowledge about the history of the region, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a tour guide job.

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