How To Find Cheap and Budget Hotels: Best Hotel Booking Websites

Traveling is fun, isn’t it? But it can be costly if you don’t know where and how to find the best deals. Here is my other article from the Travel Hack series. Have you ever thought about how other travelers book the cheapest hotel on the Internet without burning a hole in their pocket?

Like other travelers, if you are also looking for hotel breakthroughs, tips and tricks and “how to book cheap hotels” then you are in the right place.

The main challenge for travelers is to save money while traveling. When it comes to savings, budget travelers give priority to three main factors:

Budget Accommodation
Cheap Transport
Cheap Food

Today I will share with you how to block a deal from the cheapest comfortable and guaranteed hotels. In the end, you’ll also get some helpful tips and tricks that will help you get the best hotel deals for your upcoming vacation.

06 Best Budget Hotel Booking Websites

1. may have the widest range of budget accommodation in the world. The site itself gets about 1.5 million dates every day and is found in more than 40 dialects wherever the planet is. If you travel with your friends or partners, then you should go to to book the cheapest amenities.


  • It is useful and simple to take advantage of both the website and the versatile application.
  • You can search for hotels, hostels, lofts, bed and breakfasts, resorts and much more within your financial limits, and it will give you the best results that suit you perfectly.
  • A charge card or check card is not mandatory for most extreme hotel reservations.
  • You can save your hotels at any time and pay at the time of registration.
  • Perhaps the best component is “Free Crossing out” at which is served by a large portion of their partners.
  • You can drop your reservation at any time 48 hours in advance.

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2. Agoda

Agoda is a great location among other hotel reservation websites with over 2 million properties worldwide. Despite the fact that Agoda is an explicit online hotel reservation site in Asia, it offers the lowest cost that can be accessed all over the world.

Why Agoda?

  • Agoda is one of the largest hotel reservation websites and is believed to be today.
  • The best part of Agoda is that it guarantees the minimal cost that can be reached by another discount.
  • Clients can collect PointsMAX while booking through, which can be retrieved from 50 other travel sites that are collaborating with Agoda.
  • Customers get 24 * 7 help by direct contact, online visit, or quick email answers.

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3. Airbnb

Airbnb is a private online mall where individuals can rent their extra space for travelers who need to settle at an affordable cost.

It is often well known among individual travelers, hikers and explorers for spending and generally offers the lowest-cost value that contrasts with hotels.

It is without a doubt one of the cheapest hotel reservation destinations on the Internet.

Why Airbnb?

  • From single space to luxury space to yachts or boats, you can book anything according to your decision from Airbnb that offers a more flawless experience than a hotel.
  • As the cost was previously chosen the cost of Airbnb remains reasonably fixed.
  • In fact, you will even communicate directly with the host in the event of a discount being offered on Airbnb.
  • The best part I tend toward Airbnb is its area.
  • It is anywhere regularly where you can’t expect any hotel.
  • So it would be an incredible encounter to give a day to the locals and be close to nature freed from urban chaos.

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4. is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, providing reservation services through its own network of local websites. It is one of the easiest OTAs to use beacuase because it does not deal with things like car rental or cruises. But despite its name, offers hotel deals, flights and even standalone trips!

One of the best things about is their reward programs. They offer you one night free stays on certain night bookings.


  • Rewards Program.
  • Secret pricing for members only.

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5. HostelWorld

Hostelworld is the world’s largest hotel reservation site offering the lowest cost hotel bargains. It has around 36,000 properties in 170 countries around the world. Being a spending traveler, this is my favorite booking site among everyone and I am clearly suggesting HostelWorld if you are a freelance explorer or spending trip like me. These days, HostelWorld has become known among liberal individuals who need to meet new individuals.


  • Simple to utilize the app(one of my preferred Travel Applications) and can undoubtedly book cheapest hotel at any piece of the world(170 nations)
  • On the off chance that you find a more affordable cost for an equal hotel on the other site, you’ll guarantee the distinction from their site according to their expression.
  • Nations like Switzerland where you won’t find cheapest hotel, HostelWorld is a Divine being blessing there for the explorers.
  • Free Breakfast and Complimentary wireless internet are offered from a large portion of the hotels.
  • Free kitchen access by sharing which spares your permit nourishment.
  • No Retraction charge before 24-72 hours

Click Here – Book on Hostelworld

6. Expedia

This US-based travel mammoth is another quickly developing on the web hotel booking website that is pretty much equivalent to yet is Europe based aggregator so it will be best to glance in both of those sites and eat up the least difficult hotel bargain according to your travelling goal.


Other than these, Expedia has a Prizes program for their faithful clients. You can utilize this to bring down your expense in the event that you are a continuous client in Expedia.

Why Expedia?

  • Expedia rewards.
  • Extended hotel price guarantee.
  • Expedia Split Rates.

Click Here – Book on Expedia

Book Cheapest Hotels in India:

At the point when you are going in India then you can decide on, OYO Rooms, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Cleartrip as they are the most famous lodging booking locales in India for their immense system and incredible assistance in the whole nation.

12 Cheapest Hotel Booking Tips and Tricks:

  • Contact directly the hotel websites – If you are booking a large international hotel, book directly with this hotel. They often have the best deals on their website, but if you find a better deal elsewhere, they will match up. The great benefit of direct reservations on these global hotel chains is that you earn loyalty and status points when booking directly, so if you like the points, do not book their rooms elsewhere.
  • Be adaptable: It will be difficult to track the cheapest housing if you are adapting over time. Try to book a house on weekdays when there are no individuals. In general, individuals are used to going on the weekend with an extra day, on Friday or Monday, making the cost of the hostel too expensive. So book your hotel on weekdays such as Tuesday or Wednesday when the value is almost always cheaper.
  • Pre-booking – plan early and book your accommodations on time to get them at the lowest cost. 3-4 months before the appointment would be a good time to book your home because the value will generally be more expensive for the bulk of the dwellings in the past month.
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from the top season and open events: This occurs when the vast majority of people travel and hotel owners charge double the rate. Try to refrain from going on these occasions but in the absence of an exit opportunity, all things considered, pre-booking for 4-6 months can provide your settlement spending plan.
  • Hotel deals: Small hotels often make an offer like “Four nights stay, get the fifth night for free”. Book the hostel immediately wherever this type of bargaining is determined as this type of hostel boundary is still temporary and yet make sure that the price is actually less expensive and has not been expanded to standardize all expenses. Travelzoo is a great hostel reservation site to pinpoint this kind of bargain a minute ago.
  • Benefit from different web crawlers: See the cost in all the best hostel web indexes that you just mentioned and book them according to the best results. In most severe cases I have seen (going with guardians or accomplices) and hostelworld (for solo trips) offering less expensive accommodation and hostels.
  • Use a Mastercard product productively: Many Mastercard cards offer a level cut or a discount on a specific measure of cash with a date range. I will recommend two charge cards that offer great hostel benefits: American Express Platinum and Citi Glory.
  • Staying too late: Certain dwellings remain unreserved and on the day you offer a big discount, you should be able to adapt to this offer because you are not sure to get it in your exact goal. The two best sites where you can discover these types of bargains a minute ago are: and
  • Join the hostel or reservation site: Some housing reservation sites give a pass or registration limits to attract their customers through messages. Try not to stop for a second to join their website (yes, there is an opportunity to overcome spam, so you need to compromise)
  • Cashback: Some credit cards, charge cards, and e-wallets offer better than average cashback for first-time customers. In India, Amazon Pay and Paytm are two well-known online e-wallets that offer massive cashback when booking accommodation.
  • Offline reservation: Don’t rely solely on hotel reservation online. Some small hotels not associated with any cheaper booking site may offer cheaper bargains for the hostel. Call or send an email directly to this hostel and approach if they have any idea about booking.
  • Deal – Want a better deal? Call the hotel and order one. Sometimes it may give you better rates, especially if it’s during midweek at some times other than the peak of the year.
  • I trust this cheapest hotels booking tips & tricks guide will assist you with booking an cheapest stay in your next vacation.  

I am sure that these cheap hotel reservation tips will help you book the cheapest accommodation for your next vacation.