12 Worst Travel Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Planning an international trip, especially your first trip, is an exciting experience, whether you are an experienced traveler or if you are doing it for the first time, we all make travel mistakes that will cause stress or possibly ruin our vacation. Many travelers make an equal mistake again. But sometimes these mistakes can transform your journey into a disappointing and wasting money experience. However, with careful planning, these mistakes can be easily avoided. Here are 12 common travel mistakes and how you can avoid them:

12 Common but Expensive Travel Mistakes

1. Several activities are planned

If you have a lot of activities crammed in such a short time, you may not be able to really appreciate or enjoy a place. It is understood that you want to make the most of the place and that you want to follow all the activities suggested in the guide book. However, you may find yourself so busy that you cannot enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Allow yourself time to relax and appreciate the scenes at a slower pace.

2. Traveling during high season

When you travel during high season, all the simplest destinations are usually crowded with tourists. Flights, tours and hotel accommodations even higher.

3. Not to buy travel insurance

Buying cheap travel insurance is easy enough. Many reputable insurance companies offer travel insurance as part of a comprehensive package, covering unexpected cancellations, emergency medical expenses, and loss of bags. You can even buy travel insurance online, so there’s no excuse. It is also possible to get travel insurance when you actually travel.

4. Not verifying visa requirements

It is difficult if you are deported at a foreign checkpoint. It can be expensive and time-consuming. You need to know the visa requirements ahead of time. There are many websites that list visa requirements for different countries.

Sometimes getting a visa can be simple. But for some countries that have strict travel policies, it may take weeks to collect all the necessary documents and obtain approval for your visa. And if you wait until just before your travel to use it to obtain an entry visa, you will likely pay expensive fines to expedite this way.

5. Over packing

Anyone can relate to this common travel error. It is tempting to bring clothes for every possible occasion, but it makes it difficult to transport your luggage, and you will stop working with high baggage fees to accidentally exceed the weight limit. Most airlines charge an expensive fee if your luggage exceeds the load limit. It is also easier to carry lightweight luggage, especially if you are moving from one place to another. Remember that you can always do some washing on the road.

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6. The lack of a local currency

This is a common mistake made by travelers. Remember, you always need local currency to transfer transportation and purchase items from local stores that do not accept credit cards.


7. Not booking enough time in-between flights

We all know that flight conditions can be unpredictable. Everyone knows that buying a plane ticket at the last minute is very expensive. But did you know that ticket prices can fluctuate in thousands of rupees from day to day? It is best to book flights with a sufficient period of time from time to time in order not to rush and tense.

8. Not planning your telecom and internet connectivity

It is important to understand what your plan covers to avoid data roaming charges. Everyone knows that you can’t simply activate your phone abroad and use it without setting up a really expensive phone bill. You need to make sure that your carrier has a roaming plan that you can purchase before traveling. You can buy an international plan or get a local SIM card once you arrive. It will be helpful to know in advance whether the place where you will travel a good internet signal if you need to check emails from time to time.

9. Currency exchange at the airport

Currency exchange booths are scattered at every international airport, making it the most convenient option for changing money. Currency exchange companies are keen to take advantage of our mistakes in international travel by providing poor exchange rates in the airport booths. Aside from your cost more, airport currency kiosks are rarely open 24 hours.

10. Use a credit or debit card without notifying your bank

All MasterCard companies track foreign transactions, which may be a way to protect their clients from fraud. Notify your bank before traveling abroad to ensure that your account will not simply be locked, especially when you need money. You will also need to know if your bank is charging fees for foreign transactions so that you are not surprised when the invoice comes.

11. Not packing a travel adapter

Did you know that there are 15 types of plugs used worldwide? If you are traveling to a country that uses a different plug type, you will need an adapter that allows you to operate your home country’s hardware. Connecting the USB port directly can solve the problem. But your devices usually charge snail speeds or not at all, depending on power needs.

12. Not double-checking your documents and reservations for errors

Check again your documents and reservations for everything from hotels, flights, trains, buses, etc. Always confirm the time and location, and make sure they are properly scheduled. Also make sure to type your name correctly on your flight reservation.

Learn not to make these 12 travel mistakes. Doing so will make your trip more enjoyable.

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